Cleveland Magician Drew Murray

This past weekend was the annual Magi-Fest convention in Columbus, Ohio. This convention features some of the biggest names in the magic industry and is complied of talks and performances in every genre of magic. Some magicians this year included David Williamson, Michael Weber, my good friend Michael Kent and the legendary, Juan Tamariz.

photo 1Each of them spoke and taught new material for fellow magicians to benefit from. For example, Michael Kent gave an amazing talk about integrating social media with a magic business. He is a pro at knowing what to tweet, when to tweet it and how to allow those simple messages to increase audiences interest in the show.

Juan Tamariz is not a name many non-magicians in the United States would know. But he is respected as the greatest living magician by his peers. Juan, from Spain, is a high energy card magician that throws everyone for a loop with his exciting stage presence blending with what can only be described as truly impossible. During his set, he asked an audience member to call a friend and ask them to name a card. Without every speaking to her, or getting any clue he pulled out one card of the deck and put in on the table. She was then asked to name her thought of card, which matched his prediction. Perfect.

fest2The Magi-fest is a convention for anyone interested in magic all the way to a full time pro. It allows younger guys to meet their idols and the professionals to get feedback from over 900 magicians. Anyone interested in attending can visit I am extremely lucky to have such great group of friends and resources that the fest provides so close to home.




Very excited to be launching this new website. Now it will be much easier to keep updated with current projects and future shows. If you would like to book magic for your event, please contact me today!